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The top one VPN in canada

What is Banana VPN ?

BananaVPN is a solution that was found to provide the freedom to use the Internet with an emphasis on anonymity, therefore eliminating the worry about being monitored or having sensitive data intercepted.. In line with this, we are one of the few providers that do not log internet activity and support P2P.

Why it’s headach free ?

We decided to share this solution, and since then we have grown into one of the largest personal VPN providers in North America “Canada” region and a prominent international VPN provider. As a home-grown enterprise, we put our customers as our top priority, and constantly seek to improve our services via customer feedback. We offer personalised customer support, and maintain a close-knit community of users where technical expertise is shared.

Free Banana VPN for 1 month ?

 Yes, we are giving away a totaly free 1month to try without any charges or hiden fees, please contact us on our online live chat support for more info.

Enjoy fast and stable connection anywhere

Buffering is the ultimate buzzkill, so streaming or downloading files with a slow internet connection is not an option. No worries here! Choose from  servers in countries and enjoy the fastest VPN experience. Having more servers means less load, and the wide variety of locations means there’s a higher chance you’ll find one nearby.

Powerful online protection

Defeat hackers and spies with best-in-class encryption and leakproofing.

Internet without borders

Access any content, no matter your location. Say goodbye to geo-blocks.

Supercharged VPN

With 99.9% server uptime you can enjoy your service all the time!

Get Banana VPN mobile apps

The Quickest way to get setup and start using our vpn is to register for your account and then download the VPN Directly onto your android or Windows Device!

Download VPN for windows 10