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SSL VPNs pose network security risks Infosecurity Magazine.
The white paper exposes what it terms myths about SSL VPN. One myth is that SSL VPN is clientless. It warns that clientless SSL VPN products from multiple vendors can enable an attacker to use these devices to bypass authentication or conduct other web-based attacks.
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Attacking SSL VPN Part 2: Breaking the Fortigate SSL VPN DEVCORE.
This story is about hacking Fortigate SSL VPN. The next article is going to be about Pulse Secure, which is the most splendid one! Fortigate SSL VPN. Fortinet calls their SSL VPN product line as Fortigate SSL VPN, which is prevalent among end users and medium-sized enterprise.
Tutorial: Azure Active Directory single sign-on SSO integration with FortiGate SSL VPN Microsoft Docs.
Configure FortiGate SSL VPN SSO. Upload the Base64 SAML Certificate to the FortiGate appliance. After you completed the SAML configuration of the FortiGate app in your tenant, you downloaded the Base64-encoded SAML certificate. You need to upload this certificate to the FortiGate appliance.:
What is a SSL VPN and How Does It Help Security? Perimeter 81.
While some SSL VPNs work through the browser alone and need no installation, the lack of a standalone third-party SSL VPN client limits the content thats accessible and secured through the VPN. By downloading and using an SSL VPN client application, users can enjoy encrypted tunnels to multiple network resources and services that reside outside of the web.
Using the SonicWALL SSL VPN With Windows Domain Accounts Via RADIUS.
On the VPN Access tab, make sure you add your internal networks address objects that users would need to access, otherwise you wont be able to access any internal networks even if youve successfully connected to the VPN. Configure SSL VPN settings.
SSL VPN Citrix Gateway Carl Stalhood.
Citrix Gateway supports six different connection methods.: ICA Proxy to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops CVAD aka XenApp/XenDesktop and StoreFront the client is built into Citrix Workspace app aka Citrix Receiver. SSL VPN requires installation of Citrix Gateway plug-in VPN client.
Best SSL VPNs for 2021 Why are they so hard to find?
SSL Tunnel VPN is preferred by some users; because, SSL Portal VPN doesnt allow some functions to be accessed. SSL Tunnel VPN using a standard web browser enables users to handle active content such as Flash applications, Active X, Java, JavaScript, and plug-ins, etc.
90% of SSL VPNs are hopelessly insecure, say researchers The Register.
The firm passively scanned 10436, randomly selected publicly available SSL VPN servers taken from a scope of four million randomly selected IPv4 addresses from the largest vendors, such as Cisco, Fortinet and Dell. The scan uncovered numerous problems, as summarised below.:
SSL VPN Security Compliance Steadfast.
Data Center Colocation. Steadfast's' SSL VPN product allows your users to connect from anywhere; you can enjoy the security of knowing all communications to the Steadfast network are secured via encryption. An SSL Virtual Private Network VPN establishes a secured tunnel, encrypted via SSL, between your network and a hardware appliance.

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